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So a bit about me... I am originally from Recess in Connemara.

After school in Clifden, I studied Business & Accountancy in Galway & Athlone. Lived for a year in Spain to soak up a different culture & improve my Spanish. Then moved to London to become a Chartered Accountant.

In the office I always found it more fulfilling to help people with their issues & supporting them than looking over spreadsheets. When I moved to Australia I looked more into different healing modalities after having experienced different types of healing over the years.


I did my first Reiki training in Bali back in 2014 and loved it so much. It all came very naturally and I was fascinated by how it all worked and how much you could pick up & clear for someone, even if they were not in front of felt like magic. From there I did a 3 year life coaching and NLP course in Melbourne, a Pranic Healing course in Australia, an IET course in Galway and some smaller courses and workshops. I am always learning, growing & expanding my knowledge.

Since then I have been working in holistic health offering healing sessions using a mix of different methods combined. We had our own holistic practice in Perth, Western Australia where we offered healing, massage and also workshops like Meditation, Spirituality for Beginners, Sister Circles and Men's Circles. We hope to start offering the same in Connemara soon.

I moved home to Galway in December 2022 with my fiancée Ben and our dog Sam. I've missed the beautiful Inagh Valley so much so it's great to be home.

Random fact:

I love trying new things which at the minute has me doing sewing classes in the past has had me in hot air balloons, bungie jumping or helping out on a yacht/submarine.



I was born in Melbourne, Australia but grew up in Perth, Western Australia (where I met Laura).

Growing up we had a friend of the family who did soft tissue/body work and that is how I originally got introduced to the field. 

I found it fascinating how the muscles, tissues and fascia all connected and worked together, how the pain being felt may not be the source or the root of the problem and learning the different pain referral patterns and nerve restrictions to get the optimal results for the body.

I got my Diploma of Remedial massage (more injury treating based) in 2012 in the Australian College of Massage. From there I have been adding to my tool belt doing at least a course a year, continually improving my skillset and expertise.

I honed my skills over the years working out of a Chiropractic Clinic in Success, WA before opening my own practice in Melville, WA. Laura and I then opened our own practice where we offered an array of services in addition to massage and dry needling including energy healing, workshops and separate circles for men and women to connect and support each other. We will be offering similar workshops in Connemara soon.

I came to Ireland for a few weeks back in December 2018 with Laura and fell in love with the place. Inagh Valley was really something else. There was no need for a second visit - we moved over in December 2022 with our dog Sam and I'm loving it so far...even the weather! Give me a frosty Connemara day over a 40 degree Perth scorcher.

Random fact:

I love all different types of music & I brought a few different instruments over from Australia. My instrument of choice at the moment is an African drum called a djembe. So I've been sitting outside playing that, taking in the scenery & confusing the sheep and locals. 


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