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Upcoming Events

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Women's Circle

High Vibrations Sister Circle

Join us for a weekly for a beautiful evening of sharing, connection & spirituality.

~ The circle will commence with a cacao ceremony helping us to connect into our hearts  & leave the stresses of the day behind. We will get to tune in & pick Oracle cards for the divine message we need to hear for the week.

~ We will then have an opportunity to share what is coming up for us in our week - to be heard, acknowledged & witnessed without judgement. To feel the support of your sisters as we connect together in this sacred way.

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Introduction to Spirituality

~ Each week a new tool or healing modality will be introduced, with a handout to take home & sometimes a special gift depending on the theme.

~ Some upcoming themes include crystals, chakras, essential oils, EFT tapping techniques, how to clear your energy, cutting energetic cords, pendulums. 


Men's Circle

High Vibrations Men's Circle

Men come and join us in circle
Share what is coming up for you right now
Where you are in your life and how you feel
Join us in sharing this safe container to explore who you are and what you have been holding on to.
Sit in ceremony with cacao, share what is on your heart or sit with us and feel the safety and connection of being in the presence of like-minded men.

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